I have always loved Moroccan inspired concrete/cement tiles, but, in the past, it has taken a special client who was bold enough to use them! While they aren’t for everyone, their bold colors and patterns definitely set the stage for a room.

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I have only ever used these tiles in a bathroom before, but I would love to one day use in a sitting room or breakfast room. The only downside to using in a bathroom is that they cannot be placed inside a shower, so you must find an alternate tile for a shower floor.

Here is a picture of a bathroom that I recently completed for a spec home in Chicago.

Elizabeth Taich Design, Moroccan, Bath, Tile


I know, I know! A spec home?!? What if the potential buyer doesn’t like it! Well, I was fortunate that the pattern was subtle enough and the black/white theme is very in right now.

Here are some other examples of Moroccan tiles used in homes…







I am so happy that they are becoming more mainstream now, and I am seeing them pop up all over Instagram and Pinterest!

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